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Posts from September 2013

We're Making a Change!
For 83 years, WBEN has been the dominant radio station in the Buffalo area at 930 on the AM dial.  Beginning Thursday, September 26th at 12 noon, WBEN will no longer simulcast programming on 107.7 FM WLKK and one great radio station will remain on one great dial position, 930 AM.

After  determining through research that 95% of listening to WBEN is happening on the 930 AM signal, we're making the change to allow for a yet-to-be announced radio option on FM 107.7.  While I'm certainly aware many people added the FM signal to their daily routine, the vast majority of you who enjoy WBEN continue to do so on the 930 AM signal. 

In reality I know many of you are disappointed and upset about the decision as you used the FM signal when you were commuting outside of our regular 930 am coverage area.  I understand that concern and would encourage you to make use of our other transmission assets that may help fill any voids. 

I myself use the WBEN iPhone app regularly to listen to WBEN when I'm traveling outside of the Buffalo metro area or simply am in a spot where the signal may be marginal.  The reality today is that you can hear WBEN anywhere in the world with the technology we have at our disposal.

As broadcasters, when we see that 95% of our vast audience is receiving us from one signal, it encourages us to seek a void in the marketplace and use the additional signal to help fill it.  That's the plan for 107.7fm WLKK and that will be unveiled Thursday.

Here's what WON'T change.  WBEN.

We will continue to offer you all the news and talk programming you depend on and enjoy.  John, Susan, Sandy, Rush, Tom and the complete WBEN News Team will be there for you every day, whether it's 930 AM, here at, the iPhone and Android apps or the WBEN mobile website.

I welcome your comments below and thank you for listening to and relying on WBEN!
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