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A WBEN Photo Album: Isaac Pours Down on La., Miss, Ala
Scenes of the flooding, rescue and preparations as Hurricane Isaac hits the Gulf coast. 
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This NOAA satellite image taken Thursday, Aug. 30, 2012 at 1:45 a.m. EDT shows Tropical Storm Isaac located at about 10 miles southwest of Baton Rouge, Louisiana. Isaac is moving toward the northwest near 5 mph with maximum sustained winds near 50 mph.Even though Isaac is no longer a hurricane, heavy rains, severe weather, dangerous surf and rip currents, life-threatening hazards from storm surge and inland flooding are still occurring. For more information on Tropical Storm Isaac, please visit http:
How are you feeling about the Sabres picking 2nd overall in the draft and likely getting Jack Eichel?
  I'm psyched!
  We lost but the consolation prize is pretty good!
  I'm hoping for a "deal"!
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