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13 Year Old Accused of Murder Appears in Court

Buffalo, NY (WBEN) - More details are coming out surrounding the death of 13 year old Ameer Al Shammari, after 13 year old Jean Sanchez appeared in Buffalo City Court Friday afternoon.

According to an autopsy, Al Shammari died of strangulation.

In a statement made by Sanchez to police, he strangled Al Shammari with a shoelace until it broke, and then took the string from Al Shammari's hoodie, and continued to strangle him until he died.

Paul Dell, the attorney representing Sanchez, thinks the statement given by a thirteen year old during interrogation can not be trusted. "I'm not going to get in to what he's telling me, but 13 year old kids, alone in an interrogation room, with officers with badges and guns, eventually I think they're going to say anything they want him to say," Dell said after the hearing.

According to Dell, Sanchez's family walked to Buffalo Police headquarters so police could talk to Sanchez's sister, who was not home on a previous day when they talked with the family. After talking to the sister, police took Sanchez to SUNY Buffalo State separate from his family, and interrogated him.

The Attorney also questioned the events that happened in the statement. "The version of what happened in the statement, I think everybody would agree that while possible, I think it's unlikely, it's incredible."

Sanchez appeared in court with an interpreter, though Dell says he speaks English well.

A motion to move the case to Family Court was denied, meaning it will go before a grand jury in the next 30 days.

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