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Making Beautiful Music with Duetts

”Ugly Grill” contest held to launch new sausage brand

A new sausage line has recently launched in the Buffalo market, courtesy of The Duetts Group/F. Wardynski & Sons, and Tops Friendly Markets.
If you’re singing for your supper, make sure you hook up with this Duetts product. I had the pleasure of tasting a variety of flavors recently and came away extremely impressed. While I am not much of a carnivore anymore, I could not stop eating these luscious links.

The six sausage flavors—Tomato Basil, Savory Sage, Parmesan Garlic, Fire Roasted Jalapeno & Cheddar, Spicy Wing and Buffalo Wing—offer a tasty alternative and a true combo experience.

Developed over the last couple of years, Wardynski uses a process that blends real russet potatoes into the pork.  Nicely seasoned as well, the pork and taters pop in your mouth when you bite into the links, resulting in a lovely little burst of juicy flavor and that distinctive crackling mouth feel.

The pairing is an ingenious idea because both flavors complement one another. I was pleased to see real pieces of potato encased in the links too. 

The Duetts are among the best sausages I’ve had the pleasure of eating.

I also like the fact that this new product is significantly lower in fat and sodium and has no gluten or MSG.

To be sure, spuds are a logical pairing with pork sausage. To The Duetts manufacturers, may I suggest a couple of other pairing ingredients:  apple, cheese and peppers. I’d also like a turkey sausage alternative. 
Duetts, Wardynski and Tops collaborated on another combo idea, raising awareness of the new sausage line to the public using social media. People were invited to submit photos of ugly grills. Facebook fans then voted and the three contestants with the most votes for their “ugly grill” won a brand new Weber Gas Grill along with a Tops gift card.  
Congrats to grand prize winner Tom Barsi, who accepted the new grill on behalf of the Orchard Park Fire District EMS.

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06/20/2013 3:51PM
Making Beautiful Music with Duetts
What other flavors and foods would you like paired in your sausage? Do you eat sausage plain or do you add condiments?
06/21/2013 1:07PM
Gotta have the toppings
Hey Brenda, I love sausage slathered in chili sauce and spicy mustard. I throw on some peppers and onions over the bun. Will try these new sausages soon.
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