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"Food & Football: A Super Tradition Playing In The Cold This Sunday"
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01/29/2014 9:26PM
Food & Football: A Super Tradition Playing In The Cold This Sunday
What is your favorite thing to eat while you watch the game? Do you cook or order in?
01/31/2014 1:53PM
Lots of carbs!
We love calzones, chips, any kind of spicy, salty nuts. Then we usually have ice cream for dessert with some Irish coffees. Oh yeah!
01/31/2014 1:56PM
Super Bowl food
I know I am probably the only one ordering pizza and wings, I know I am out there on this one.
01/31/2014 3:08PM
What else?
Bring on the wings and beer, Brenda. What else could you want?
02/02/2014 2:52PM
Heaven on Earth!
Anything that features burning meat on a grill is fine with me
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