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Food & Football: A Super Tradition Playing In The Cold This Sunday

Kickoff is scheduled for 6:25 Sunday evening in the chilly   northeast as the Broncos, designated as the “home” team, take on the Seahawks in the biggest football game of the season. This uniquely American spectacle is more than just a big game on the gridiron. It is a big money and food day. TV commercials are going for approximately $4 million per :30 spot.

Super Bowl Sunday is also the second highest day of food consumption in the U.S., coming in behind Thanksgiving, according to the U.S.D.A.!

While I’m a rabid football fan, my Super Sunday revolves around hoping we see a competitive game, but also reveling in some of that great chow.

Let’s work up a large boy appetite with some Super Bowl food facts:

• Peyton Manning owns 21 Denver-area Papa John’s Pizza restaurants
• If Seattle wins, the Denver mayor has agreed to send green chilies to his Denver counterpart. If the Broncos win, the Seattle mayor will send salmon and Dungeness crab.
• Orange Gatorade is a 3 to 1 favorite as the beverage to be dumped on the winning coach. Green Gatorade comes in at 10 to 1.
• Amount the average Super Bowl watcher will consume while snacking: 1,200 calories (does not include meals, just snacks)
• 1.23 billion chicken wings will be consumed; that’s 100 million pounds
• 11 million slices of pizza will be eaten. Wonder how many are made at Peyton’s Place?
• What about salty snacks? 11.2 million chips, 3.8 million pounds of popcorn and 4.3 million pretzels will be chomped along with 2.5 million nuts and 8.2 million tortilla chips
• To wash it down, the suds will be flowing: 52 million cases of beer will be sold
• The most popular take-out and delivery items on Super Bowl Sunday are pizza, chicken wings, and sandwiches.
• Super Bowl Sunday is the biggest winter grilling day of the year.
• According to 7-Eleven stores, there is a 20% increase in the sale of antacids on the day after Super Bowl.

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01/29/2014 9:26PM
Food & Football: A Super Tradition Playing In The Cold This Sunday
What is your favorite thing to eat while you watch the game? Do you cook or order in?
01/31/2014 1:53PM
Lots of carbs!
We love calzones, chips, any kind of spicy, salty nuts. Then we usually have ice cream for dessert with some Irish coffees. Oh yeah!
01/31/2014 1:56PM
Super Bowl food
I know I am probably the only one ordering pizza and wings, I know I am out there on this one.
01/31/2014 3:08PM
What else?
Bring on the wings and beer, Brenda. What else could you want?
02/02/2014 2:52PM
Heaven on Earth!
Anything that features burning meat on a grill is fine with me
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