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25 Years of Home Improvement Advice!

Buffalo, N.Y. (WBEN) - At a time when talkradio was just taking hold in Buffalo and nationwide, WBEN launched the Home Improvement Hour with Domenic Cortese 25 years ago.  Today the show is still going strong.

Each week, Domenic Cortese of Cortese Construction Services hits the airwaves of WBEN to tackle home improvement problems from a leaky roof to a leaky basement and everything in between.  The Home Improvement Hour has become a staple of WBEN's weekend programming through the years and Domenic also makes regular appearances on "Buffalo's Early News" and with "Sandy Beach".

During the October Storm and several other crisis weather events, Domenic has been on the WBEN airwaves helping guide listeners through the process of pumping out their basements, keeping their electicity flowing and offering preventative tips to homeowners.

Join all of us at WBEN by leaving Domenic a congratulatory note on 25 years of home improvement advice below!

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03/28/2014 10:59AM
25 Years of Home Improvement Advice!
Leave your congratulatory note for Domenic here!
03/29/2014 5:16AM
Listen to you every week, my pleasure.
03/29/2014 10:15AM
03/31/2014 9:48AM
Thank you for being here for our community for so many years, i hope that you will fill our homes with great advise for years to come!
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