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AM, FM, Online and Mobile Phone. Now on HD!

Back in the day when I first started out in the newsroom at WBEN, we were on the air at 930 on the AM dial.  That's it!  All we needed to do was communicate with you in one place.  It worked great!  And boy was it easy.

But times have changed.

I remember back in the early 90's when then Program Director Kevin Keenan was posting the AccuWeather forecast on our new website  I wondered, why?  Won't they just get the weather on the radio when we read it? 

Well, obviously, through the years I've changed too!

I'd like to take this opportunity to make sure you're aware of the diverse resources your have now in getting the programming we offer at WBEN.  No longer are we only available only at 930 on the AM dial.  We've added 107.7 on the FM dial, streaming from, our mobile app and streaming from our mobile-enable website.  And just when you thought we were done offering you options to find WBEN, we want to alert you that if you have HD radios that we're there too!

More and more new vehicles are coming equipped with HD radios.  Essentially, HD radio enables us to offer more than one radio station on one individual frequency.  When it comes to WBEN, you can now find us at 102.5 FM HD-2.  It's a very strong signal and the very best clarity that can be achieved, similar in nature to HDTV.  If you have one of the dozens of vehicles equipped with an HD radio, tune to 102.5 FM.  When you get the HD lock on your screen, hump up to 102.5 FM HD-2 and you'll hear WBEN.

As technology changes the way we can receive your favorite radio programming, WBEN is keeping up and making sure we're available to you wherever you are and with whatever technology you have available to you.  We're still the same reliable, informative and entertaining WBEN.  We're just available in a variety of different ways.

Whether you're in your kitchen at home, in your office in the Buffalo area, with your smartphone on the beach in Florida or in your vehicle equipped with an HD Radio, WBEN can be with you.

We hope you enjoy the ride.

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03/19/2013 11:06AM
AM, FM, Online and Mobile Phone. Now on HD!
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