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America's Favorite Super Bowl Dish? Pizza and Wings of Course!

Amherst, NY (WBEN) - There's no busier time for pizzerias across the country than the week leading up to the Super Bowl.

"We actually start gearing up and start preparing usually on a Wednesday," said Paul Santora, owner of Santora's Pizza, Pub and Grill. "We get orders in every day starting on Wednesday, and the dough is the same way. We start preparing that on Thursday and Friday, getting ready for our sheet pizzas."

But while orders come in all week, many wait until Sunday to order their food, and that shouldn't be a problem for most pizzerias. "It's all hands on deck, nobody gets the day off, nobody has the ability to request off on that day. Everybody in the kitchen will be ready to go."

Why are Pizza and Wings the big thing during the Super Bowl? Santora says it all comes down to numbers.

"I think it's really the economics of it, because as much as the rise in pizza and wing (prices) have happened over the last five or six years, it's still economical to feed a good portion of people. It's quick, easy, it's all hand-held food, and wings are messy and all about football."

If you haven't had time to put in your pizza order for Sunday yet don't worry. Santora says that all local pizzerias are used to handling big volume on Sunday, so you won't go hungry.

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