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Admit it: Somewhere in your house, there's either a snuggie, a Popiel's pocket fisherman., some sort of hair removal product,  or maybe even a device that lets you stuff hamburgers , right in your own home, in three easy steps.

Have you ever bought any "as seen on TV" or tv infomercial products?
( 38% )
One or twice...
( 45% )
Several times!
( 17% )
The folks that bring you some of the various products sold on TV are hosting their annual convention outside San Francisco today-- Which got us thinking: What is the worst thing you ever bought via TV advertising? 

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WBEN's John Zach & Susan Rose both admit to owning a pocket hose or two.   And John confesses to buying one of those free TV devices that plugs into your computer and lets you get "FREE! 500 CHANNELS!"  He hasn't tried it yet, and says he is still trying to find the beeper device that helps him locate his keys.
   What's been the most popular "As Seen On...." Product? 
On The
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Todd Davies -
"As Seen On"
"You mention the Snuggie.(above). You can think back to stuff like the Clapper. You know ' Clap Clap" and he lights go out. Or 'Help! I've Fallen and I Can't Get Up,'. Those are traditional. They've been along for 20 years and they still sell today." - Todd Davies,    Hear more at left

Years after Ron Popiel debuted the infomercial, the direct marketing of products on TV has become big business.
Thomas Haire, editor-in-chief of
Response Magazine, estimates that As Seen on TV is a $400 billion industry.

  Haire says that Allstar Product Group, the company that has created products like The Snuggie, Bump It, and Forever Lazy, pulls in as much as $500 million a year. And others add in even more, because that famed red and white TV logo isn't owned by any one company, and the producers of products like this have agreed to all share it, to boost their fortunes.
BUT WAIT! THERE's MOREA Wall Street Journal Review of Robotic Vaccums  (Hint: they don't work well)  |  RELATED VIDEO just because it's Silly: A cat in a shark costume riding a Roomba, chasing a duck     

AND IF YOU ACT NOW YOU ALSO GET: GrassologyPresto Power Pop Bowl


Stuffed Hamburgers? Really?   from WSET TV in Lynchburg Va


GRASSOLOGY!  The Science of Grass!

It promises you won't have to fertilizer or mow your grass as often, with this special scientific formula.

A review from says "Are the claims true? Probably not and here's why: In short, Root length and growth rate often have much more to do with the amount of water your grass receives, not necessarily the type of seed you use."  

See more HERE

 from WGRZ/Channel Two News
  Product Test: Presto Power Pop Bowl

If you must dance, Why Not Roomba?

On The WBEN Liveline
WSJ's Geoffrey Fowler
The Wall Street Journal's Geoffrey Fowler writes: "Snap out of it, people. None of these robots perform like Rosie from "The Jetsons." If you spill Cheerios on the floor, just grab a vacuum and clean it up yourself. While robots will one day get intelligence to spot messes from afar, the ones I tested don't have it."   READ MORE     ALSO : SEE FOWLER's TEST VIDEO

from You Tube: Cat in Shark Costume Chases Duck on a Roomba:

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05/02/2014 7:27AM
And if You Call within the Next 30 Minutes.....
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05/02/2014 7:44AM
Rabbit TV
I have one, it works great! It works kind of like a Roku or Apple tv. I can plug my laptop to my tv via hdmi and watch on big screen. fun!
05/02/2014 8:22AM
It makes sense
WBEN listeners are by and large easy prey for carnies and charlatans. Look at what the Tea Party does with your donations, for example.
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