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Animals Removed from Two Homes in Niagara County

Newfane, NY (WBEN) The Niagara County SPCA has had its hands full removing dozens of cats from two Niagara County homes.

Amy Lewis of the Niagara SPCA says one home had a stench that could be smelled well outside of the home. "We left information for the homeowner and in the middle of the night moved the animals. Working with the Niagara County Sheriff's Department, we got tips the owner had moved the animals to three separate locations within the county," says Lewis. "Part of the cats were moved to Prospect Street in Lockport, others were moved to Drake Settlement, and a couple of dogs were on West Avenue. We removed the cats, and they need lots of medical attention." Lewis adds the dogs were not removed.

The other was in Lockport. "We had an elderly woman neighbors hadn't heard from for days. One of her co-workers found her unconscious. She had been removed, her house has been condemened and we don't know how many cats were there," explains Lewis. "There was so much stuff, you couldn't move from room to room. We picked up one cat, but the other scattered," and Lewis says there will be traps set to get the others.

Lewis says most are emaciated, and all suffer from flea anemia. "We're dealing with 24 cats from the Newfane case and essentially up to 50 from the Lockport case," says Lewis.


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