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"Arrest in Power Pole Cutting"
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01/24/2012 12:46PM
Arrest in Power Pole Cutting
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01/25/2012 7:47AM
This guy must be insane..
01/26/2012 12:08PM
I hope there is serious and lengthy prison time assigned to this individual. The careless and life endangering act should be used as a way to send a message to anyone who blatantly endangers the lives of innocent people with such disregard. Causing a massive power outage in the winter time, with elderly individuals and children who rely on this power for heat, communication, aid and medical assistance, (i am highlighting the most vulnerable of our society) however it applys to all of society. An attack on our infrastructure is a personal attack on our way of life and for that reason I would like this person locked away for the better part of 30 years. Thank you for the opportunity to raise this point. Joseph
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