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"Assembly Debates Gun Control"
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01/15/2013 1:16PM
Assembly Debates Gun Control
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01/15/2013 1:31PM
Pure political posturing at it's worst
Cuomo and the others responsible for this empty bill of nonsense should be impeached. All the things they are putting in there only serve to limit the otherwise law abiding citizen. The only part in their bill that makes any sense is the Webster portion which punishes those that would shoot and kill first responders. There is nothing that will stop anyone in their haste to make a political statement. Will Cuomo be guarded by 7 round magazines? They just stuck it up the average guy and broke it off yet again with this travesty of legislation.
01/15/2013 2:26PM
Taking advantage of a tragedy
What a disgrace to the families who suffered from these terrible tragedies that Cuomo would use the situation for personal political gain rather than take the time to meet with informed citizens and professionals to look in depth at what really needs to do to reduce crime with and without guns. This bill does nothing to stop the crack head who gets his gun illegally and goes on a rampage, not even thinking about the legal ramifications that will result. But it sure makes Cuomo look good to the uninformed sheep that he should be president. Imagine what he will try to push through at that level.
01/15/2013 3:24PM
Cuomo's Presidential aspirations are over.
After his bombastic State of the State speech last week and his attempt to ram this gun legislation through without public hearings will ruin his chance for the presidency. Hope it was worth it Andrew.
01/15/2013 3:52PM
Blind Stupidity
The only way this bill should pass is if they include in the bill that mentally ill people cannot own a gun or run for political office. The definition of mentally ill should therefore be expanded to include all the current state senate members who votedfor this. Or better yet, I will allow you to limit the number of rounds in my mag to 7 if you limit the number of terms someone can hold office to two, and your second term is up.
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