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Astorino Responds to Cuomo's Moreland Claim

Buffalo, NY (WBEN) As part of a four city statewide tour, gubernatorial candidate Rob Astorino stopped by Buffalo carrying bleach and brooms, calling for a cleanup of corruption in the state Capitol.

"It's not only laughable, but unfortunately, it's a big stain on this state," says Astorino. "It is the reason we have the highest taxes and worst business climate in the nation. The fact he said this was an independent commission he could look into anywhere the corruption trial led, and when it came to him, his cronies, and the Democratic party, he cut it off."

Astorino says Cuomo vowed to clean up the cesspool of corruption in Albany, but now is swimming in it. "We brought a broom, Lysol and bleach because the Capitol needs to be disinfected and we need to clean the stains Andrew Cuomo has left on the state, and it can only happen when he's gone because he's a creature of corruption," claims Astorino.

Astorino says Cuomo's corruption comes with fear, intimidation and bullying, like he did with the Moreland Commission. "They were deputized by the Attorney General with power to subpoena, yet Cuomo stuck his nose in their business and tried to shut it down."

Astorino says this is Cuomo's Watergate. "You're looking at interference, tampering, obstruction of justice. We hope and expect federal prosecutors reach their conclusion before election day so voters can know if Cuomo is a crook," contends Astorino.

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