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Astorino Swings Through Western New York

Lancaster, NY (WBEN) - Republican Candidate for Governor Rob Astorino is on the campaign trail in Western New York today.

Astorino made a morning stop in Lancaster, he will be at the Pierce Arrow museum in Buffalo Wednesday afternoon, before attending seperate fundraising events in the area both Wednesday night and Thursday morning.

"I just like to talk to everyday people on the street," Astorino said about his campain stops. "You really pick up stuff. This state is losing badly, and you hear it in so many different ways from people."

Astorino says he's learned a lot about the area since announcing his candidacy in March. "Every time I go somewhere I learn more, I still learn more about Westchester, and I live there. It's by talking to people, and business people, that's how you get an idea of what's really happening on the ground, not what they're saying is happening in the capital."

Earlier this week, a Siena poll showed Astorino trailing Governor Andrew Cuomo by 36 points, and 69 percent of voters still don't know who Astorino is.

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