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Attempted Abduction in Orchard Park?

Orchard Park, NY (WBEN) - The Orchard Park Central School District is reminding parents today to tell their children not to talk to strangers after an apparent attempted child abduction.

Orchard Park Police say that Saturday morning a teenage boy was approached by a man driving a red mini-van on Larned Lane in Orchard Park.

The man asked the boy to enter his vehicle, but the boy did not.

Orchard Park Police Chief Mark Pacholec says that he has not yet spoken to the boy or his family so it's hard to judge the level of threat.

"Is it possible it was an abduction attempt? It's possible," Pacholec said. "Is it possible that you have an elderly male who's confused, that's also possible. We are cautioning our school districts and our children to take the appropriate steps to not talk to strangers, immediately leave the area, and report it."

The man is described as a white male in his 60s with white hair and balding.

Below is a letter sent out to parents of Orchard Park students on Tuesday:

Dear Parent/Guardian:

Today the Orchard Park Police Department reported to us that at approximately 11 a.m. on Saturday, February 22, a teenage boy was approached by a white male on Larned Lane in Orchard Park.     

The male asked the teenager if he needed help and asked the teenager to enter his vehicle. Thankfully, the teenage boy did not enter the vehicle and safely returned home.

The suspect was reported to be a white male, in his 60’s, with white hair and balding and was driving a red mini-van with numerous scratches.

As an additional safety measure we have notified all of our transportation employees, bus drivers, and district staff of this incident.

As a general reminder for the continued safety of our students, please review these important points with your child:

  -Never talk to strangers or engage them in conversation
  -Leave the area and get to a secure location (home, neighbor's home)
  -Report the incident immediately to a parent or known adult (parent should report incident immediately to the Orchard Park Police at 662-6444).

Matthew P. McGarrity
Superintendent of Schools

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