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"Bills Release Ryan Fitzpatrick"
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03/12/2013 4:23PM
Bills Release Ryan Fitzpatrick
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03/12/2013 4:34PM
03/12/2013 5:02PM
Sounds like Doug marrone is going to bring in his college QB from SU
03/12/2013 5:24PM
Should have been done earlier
03/12/2013 5:35PM
would you guys like mark sanchez
03/12/2013 6:07PM
Good luck
Fitz seemed like a nice guy but consistentcy wins football games and makes championship teams. Fitz just couldn't deliver. I wish him the best wherever he ends up. Thanks for the memories.
03/12/2013 7:35PM
Thank you for everything Fitz wish you and your family the best wish things could have been better Now the famous words "LETS GO BUFFALO" we want a great season and management lets spend the money and put a team together lets win a superbowl I will never give up on this team give us what we really need
03/13/2013 7:26AM
The money?
Does he still get the 59 mil? He had a contract...
03/13/2013 9:01AM
Good luck
Im sorry he should of been gone along time ago , when the bills were losing every single game...
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