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Brown Re-Elected to 'Write Next Chapter' in Buffalo's Story

Buffalo, NY (WBEN) The chant of "four more years" rang out at Democratic headquarters when Byron Brown took the stage. The mayor scored a resounding victory over Sergio Rodriguez Tuesday.

Brown called the campaign unique. "It was unique because it wasn't a campaign about me. It was unique because it was about you, and the progress the city of Buffalo has been making," says Brown.

HEAR Buffalo Mayor Byron Brown's Victory Speech

Brown says he's privileged to write the city's next chapter.

"It's a story about cutting property taxes for Buffalo's families and businesses. It's a story about reducing crime," says Brown. "It's the story about record amounts of economic development that's created jobs Buffalo has wanted for generations. It's the story about providing our children with the skills and tools they need to thrive in the economy of the future."

Brown says it's a story people across Buffalo helped deliver, "It's your night Buffalo!" exclaimed Brown.

"It's a story I'm proud to tell and it's a story with many more chapters ahead. Over the next four years, we'll continue to build and market Buffalo's strengths and successes."

Brown is grateful to be part of Buffalo's next chapter. "Our next chapter will lead to more hope and more opportunity for each resident of this city."

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