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Buffalo: Best Place for Staycations

Buffalo, NY (WBEN) A new study finds Buffalo is the best city in America for a staycation. This comes from

The website says it took into account a number of factors. "We approached our evaluation of the 100 largest U.S. cities with that in mind, taking into account one’s access to free or reduced-cost recreational activities and attractions as well as the cost-effectiveness of dining out and certain other indulgences," says

In all 20 key metrics were looked at:

Recreation Activities

  1. Public Golf Courses per Capita 1.0
  2. Tennis Courts per Capita 1.0
  3. Number of Parks per Capita 1.0
  4. Miles of Bicycle Lanes, Paths and Routes per Square Mile  0.5
  5. Number of Shopping Centers per Capita 1.0 

Food & Entertainment

  1. Movie Costs 0.5
  2. Bowling Costs 0.5
  3. Number of Nightlife Options per Capita 1.0
  4. Number of Museums per Capita 0.5
  5. Number of Zoos and Aquariums per Capita:  0.5
  6. Number of Cultural Attractions per Capita 0.5
  7. Number of Live Performances per Capita 0.5
  8. Prevalence of Affordable 4.5+ Star Restaurants 0.5

 Rest & Relaxation

  1. Swimming Pools per Capita 1.0
  2. Cost of a Maid Service 1.0
  3. Wellness & Spa Centers per Capita 0.5
  4. Beauty Salon Costs 0.5


  1. Difference Between the Historical Average Temperature for July 15 & Ideal Temperature (75°):  1
  2. Historical Average Precipitation for July 15:  1
  3. Historical Average Humidity for July 15:  0.5
Buffalo was tops in rest and relaxation, 7th in recreational activities, 10th in food and entertainment and 31st in weather.

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