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Buffalo Business Report - Friday, August 15th 2014

Local real-estate investors Aaron Siegel and Brett Fitzpatrick will officially announce today their $28 million purchase of 17 properties in Buffalo’s Allentown and West Side neighborhoods.  They will then explain a $42 million project to improve the buildings, which house nearly 300 affordable housing units.

Batavia's Graham Corporation reports it has locked up a pair of orders for
$5 million.  One order is for a new ejector system at a U.S. oil refinery.  The second order is to replace existing Graham surface condensers at a Middle East liquefied natural gas facility.

For the third time, AT&T was ranked first in JD Power’s latest wireless purchase satisfaction survey.  It takes into account the full customer service experience in stores, online or by phone.

The Stenographic Institute of Western New York hosts an open house Monday, August 18th at Main near Harlem in Snyder.  Call 839-1322 for more information.

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