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Buffalo Business Report - Tuesday, June 24th 2014

The Western New York Power Proceeds Allocation Board has recommended $500,000 in funding to Praxair.  The Tonawanda-based company is investing $39 million in facility upgrades, with the end result being the addition of 22 new jobs.  The Board also awarded $125,000 to the Niagara Falls International Airport Stakeholders Group, Inc.

Carriage House Square LLC, the investment team consisting of developer Paul Kolkmeyer, Erie County Clerk Chris Jacobs and local businessman John Barry, has acquired neighboring buildings at 33 and 41 West Tupper Street and at 347 Franklin St.  Business First reports the purchase price was $700,000.

ECMC opens the newly-renovated Great Lakes Café today.  

Also open is The Original Honey's, inside the former Fuddrucker's at Maple and Sweet Home in Amherst.

Seattle-based RootMetrics® has ranked AT&T tied for highest for overall call, data and text network performance in Buffalo.

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