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Buffalo Gets Top Billing on Top Gear Tonight

Buffalo, NY (WBEN) For about four hours on a hot July afternoon, cast and crew of one of the world's most popular TV programs took over the Skyway to experiment with an amphibious vehicle. Tonight, the results of that experiment will be shown on History Channel's "Top Gear."

Buffalo Niagara Film Commission Executive Director Tim Clark was there for the filming and says he had some resistance getting the Skyway closed, until he made a call to State Senator Tim Kennedy. "He was the call I made, thinking we'd never get to close the Skyway, but he understood the tangible aspects of this being good for Buffalo's economy," says Clark.

The show has been recognized by the Guinness Book of World Records as the World's Most Watched Television Show. "There are two versions, the British version, and the American version, which came here," explains Clark.

Yes, restaurants and hotels benefited greatly from the filming but Clark says another business scored some Top Gear coin. "They were over at the marina store where they were buying life jackets, and they were using them as props. I saw the bill, and it came to thousands of dollars."

The show airs at 9 tonight on History Channel.

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