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Buffalo Parents Upset Over Intrusive Physicals

Buffalo, NY (WBEN) - Some parents are complaining about something called the Tanner Stages Test, which is being done in the Buffalo School District.

The test is a way that schools and counselors gauge a students' psychological development by seeing how far along they are in puberty.

"She said 'Mom I had a really bad day today,'" one Buffalo parent told WBEN about her daughter's experience with the test. "I asked her what happened, and then she told me 'I went to my physical and the nurse practitioner asked me to pull down my pants so she could check my pubic hairs, and then she asked me do I have a little or do I have a lot.'"

Some Parents are calling the test way too intrusive.  WEB EXTRA:  HEAR FROM THEM HERE

"I want to see a full explanation of what type of physical they're saying is required, because I don't understand the connection between checking a child's genitalia and playing sports, unless there's a new genitalia-grip tennis racket or something," another parent said.

The Tanner Scale primarily looks at secondary characteristics, like body hair. On Tuesday, a group of parents called for a review of policy, and are challenging whether or not the district and Kaleida Health, who operates school based health clinics, are following NYS Department of Health regulations.

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