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Buffalo School Board To Consider Firing Administrators

(WBEN) When the Buffalo school board meets this evening, we can expect some fireworks over the issue of two high-ranking school administrators who have been placed on leave status because they've been working without required state certification.

 Yamilette Williams, chief of curriculum, assessment and instruction; and Faith Morrison Alexander, chief of school leadership have both been placed on unpaid leave by schools Supt. Pamela Brown. But some board members-- like John Licata-- say that's not enough, and lies about being qualified disqualify them from their jobs

"The board will have to act to essentially acknowledge they will be terminated from their positions", says board member John Licata.

Board member Carl Paladino, a frequent Brown critic who has called for her to be fired first unearthed Williams and Morrison-Alexanders' lack of certification last week and brought it to board attention. It was later confirmed by the State Education Dept., and school district attorney Karl Kristoff.

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