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"Business First's Data on Teacher, Administrator Pay"
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06/03/2014 7:43AM
Business First's Data on Teacher, Administrator Pay
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06/03/2014 9:00AM
Why does WBEN make it sound like teachers make over 100K a year. First of all this station is always so slanted and oned sided. They must present facts that out of 30000 plus teachers only a very very small fraction make over 100000 and most are administrators. So try focusing on the positve for once and do stories about schools sucesses rather then the very few failing schools in the state.
06/03/2014 9:02AM
teachers pay
I know that they have a difficult job, dealing with unruly children. Other occupations are just as rough, but they don't get nearly what some of these people make.
06/03/2014 2:55PM
Lucy Pollina
my daughter is a teacher in N. Carolina......she's been there almost 10 years.......her salary...not even 35,000......she has the same education the above have.....when she lived in Buffalo and tried to get a teaching job......it was always NO..you had to know someone.....that's bull.....so she moved to NC to get a job.......that's a real shame
06/03/2014 4:55PM
teachers salaries
what my comment was too close to the truth
06/03/2014 7:56PM
I don't understand
Yes, people who go to college for 6 years plus, accrue thousands of dollars in student loan debt, and often have to work in hostile work environments (see: city schools), are often compensated at the upper end of the scale. Market forces drive compensation. It's called capitalism. I thought the talking heads at WBEN are all for this sort of thing.
06/03/2014 9:39PM
43,000 educators across the state who are paid $100,000 or more: I think thats a large amount
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