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Business First's Data on Teacher, Administrator Pay

How much does your kid's teacher make?   While many struggle, others with long seniority in their district are making over $100,000 a year according to NY State Teachers Retirement System Data gathered by Business First as part of their annual study of school performance.

The weekly business newspaper says that in Western New York there are  746 teachers or  administrators in the $100,000 over club.

"We found that (statewide) there are 43,000 salaries that are roughly, in six figure territory," says Business First Special Projects Editor G. Scott Thomas.

See The Business First Salary Data  

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G.Scott Thomas, Business First
Special Projects Editor

Tim Kremer, NYS School Board Assoc
Executive Director

E.J. McMahon, The Empire Center  
Executive Director   

 Also From Business First

"Eight Western New York school systems rank among the 25 most frugal districts across the stateThe Lancaster Central School District has the lowest spending rate in the eight-county region "



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The list includes some familiar names at the top, with Buffalo's outgoing school superintendent Pamela Brown's $207, 793 making the second largest administrator and teacher salary in Western New York.

The only earner ahead of her on the WNY list is Lewiston Porter's Don Rappold, an administrator who retired last year after over 60 years in the district with a 2013 salary of $274, 881.

The list also includes some teachers making over $100,000. For example, a special education teacher in Kenmore Tonawanda, and a technology teacher at Springville Griffith Institute both made over $119,000.  A Lancaster music teacher with 30 years in the district made over $118,000.  All three eclipsed some of the superintendent salaries on the list.

 Thomas says Western New York is not unique, with the majority of the six-figure salaries downstate, a significant finding in a data set that does not include New York City, and therefore includes a higher upstate population.

Once again, Sweet Home is ranked as the local district that pays it's teachers the best, followed by Lackawanna in a Business First analysis of the pay levels in each district.  There is nor correlation between district achievement levels and pay, Thomas says.

"As far as academic rankings are concerned they are all over the map as far as teacher pay. Some of the larger, urban districts that don't do particularly well when we rank academic performance-- which we will be doing later this month- do very well in terms of teacher pay.  It may be the strength of the union, it may be longevity of the employees. I'm sure there are a lot of factors," he says
Here's The Business First Data  from the NYS Teacher's Retirement System
Salaries of the 43,000 educators across the state who are paid $100,000 or more:  

Business First's Database 
Teacher Pay Ratings for the 98 Districts In WNY

1. Sweet Home  
2. Lackawanna  
3. Kenmore-Tonawanda  
4. Niagara Falls
5. Williamsville
Six Figure Salaries Region-by-Region  NYS public schools outside NYC

Downstate (without NYC): 40,379

Albany Area: 817

Western New York: 746

Rochester Area: 740

Syracuse Area: 353

Binghamton-Elmira Area: 144

Utica-Rome Area: 128

Watertown Area: 58

Plattsburgh Area: 40
Top 10 Teacher & Administrator
Salaries in WNY

Don Rappold Lewiston-Porter $274,881
Pamela Brown Buffalo $207,793
Scott Martzloff Williamsville $200,000
Christopher Whelan Starpoint $196,402
James Bodziak Frontier $193,636
Geoffrey Hicks Clarence $190,000
Mark Mondanaro Kenmore-Tona. $186,966
Matthew Mc Garrity Orchard Park $185,833
Michelle Bradley Lockport $181,088
Robert Roser Lew-Port $179,041

WNY's Top Earning Teachers are generally those with lots of time in the district:
Salary data from Business First/The NYS Teacher Retirement System . Teachers' positions & seniority from WBEN Research

William Wiese, Kenmore Tonawanda Special Education Teacher. $119,530

David Hawkes, Springville Griffith Inst. Technology Teacher  (30 years in district) $119, 442

Thomas Murphy, Lancaster specialist on at risk students,  $118, 890

Gary Lee, Lancaster Music Teacher (32 years in district)  $118, 857

Sally Czemerynski, Orchard Park Special Education Teacher, $117, 529

06/03/2014 7:43AM
Business First's Data on Teacher, Administrator Pay
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06/03/2014 9:00AM
Why does WBEN make it sound like teachers make over 100K a year. First of all this station is always so slanted and oned sided. They must present facts that out of 30000 plus teachers only a very very small fraction make over 100000 and most are administrators. So try focusing on the positve for once and do stories about schools sucesses rather then the very few failing schools in the state.
06/03/2014 9:02AM
teachers pay
I know that they have a difficult job, dealing with unruly children. Other occupations are just as rough, but they don't get nearly what some of these people make.
06/03/2014 2:55PM
Lucy Pollina
my daughter is a teacher in N. Carolina......she's been there almost 10 years.......her salary...not even 35,000......she has the same education the above have.....when she lived in Buffalo and tried to get a teaching was always had to know someone.....that's she moved to NC to get a job.......that's a real shame
06/03/2014 4:55PM
teachers salaries
what my comment was too close to the truth
06/03/2014 7:56PM
I don't understand
Yes, people who go to college for 6 years plus, accrue thousands of dollars in student loan debt, and often have to work in hostile work environments (see: city schools), are often compensated at the upper end of the scale. Market forces drive compensation. It's called capitalism. I thought the talking heads at WBEN are all for this sort of thing.
06/03/2014 9:39PM
43,000 educators across the state who are paid $100,000 or more: I think thats a large amount
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