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Canalside Preps for Big July 4th Celebration

Buffalo, NY (WBEN) - There will be many places throughout Western New York to catch a fireworks show this weekend, but the biggest one may be downtown at Canalside.

"The fireworks guy, you know we gave him a couple bucks extra and just told him, it used to be a 20 to 25 minute show, and I said extend it to a half hour show, and the finale should be unbelievable," said Russel Salvatore, who is paying for the fireworks that will be shot off Friday night. "I want to see tears in peoples' eyes."

That will cap off an all-day event that Erie Canal Harbor Development Corportion Chairman Robert Gioia says has something for everyone. "Depending on whether you want to have an explore and more experience, or if you just want to sit and watch the sunset and watch the fireworks, it's a wonderful venue to do all of the above."

Gioia calls the event at Canalside just another example of how the venue is being used for the right reasons. "I would say it is starting to come together. I think people are starting to understand that this is a community asset that they all can take advantage of. It's free, and it's family-oriented."
The events on Friday at Canalside kick off at 11AM, Food Trucks and Clinton's Dish will be serving food. Wine, beer, and pop will also be available:

11AM - 7PM: Kid's Activities

11AM - 2PM: Explore and More Children's Museum

2PM - 3PM: George Scott Big Band

3:30PM - 4:30PM: Buffalo Niagara Concert Band

7PM - 9PM: Lance Diamond

9:15PM: Color Guard with Junior ROTC

9:30PM: Flag Folding Ceremony On-Stage with Taps

10:15PM: Fireworks Presented by Russell Salvatore

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