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Canisius Issues Alert on Bottle Bombs

Buffalo, NY (WBEN) Canisius College Public Safety officials are warning about bottle bombs
near the campus.

Public Safety Director Gary Everett says the alert came from Buffalo Police after a Meech Street Resident picked up a plastic bottle from his lawn. That bottle exploded in his hand, but the man is doing okay. Everett says another student reported bottle bombs at her off campus residence. "She reports at her house on Hughes on April 14th somebody threw two of these at her house and they exploded. It's not known why at the time she didn't call police or public safety," says Everett.

The so called bottle bombs have combustible elements mixed with liquids which cause a chemical reaction followed by an explosion. There's no word on why these bottle bombs are being thrown around, but Everett says the warning comes as a big event takes place this weekend. "We have Springfest on Friday and we have people walking around with water bottles and we have a lot of cleanup people who pick up discarded bottles as a result of a large group of people being there," explains Everett.

Anyone who finds a suspicious item on the street is urged to call 888-3197.

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