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Cantor Talks Agenda, Mum on 2016 Hopefuls

Amherst, NY (WBEN) - House Majority leader Eric Cantor was in Amherst Monday to speak as part of the Distinguished Leaders Lecture Series at Daemen College.

Cantor spent his speech laying out what the agenda will be for house Republicans in 2014, and while repealing the new health care law was part of that message, education took up a large chunk of Cantor's remarks.

"America should not be a place where kids and parents have to worry about politicians and their government keeping them from attending the schools of their choice," Cantor said to a mostly-filled room on the campus of Daemen.

Cantor talked about the national need for voucher or school-choice programs, and even paid a compliment to Governor Andrew Cuomo, who he said has been a great partner in supporting charter schools. After his speech, Cantor took questions from several local high school students in attendance, and extended his theme of having affordable school choices to higher education. The Majority Leader said there are other ways to make education affordable beside grants.

"Some of the best universities in this country and this state are banding together to look at the potential for online education. How do we bring down the cost? How do we ensure that the quality stays the same, and maintain the benefit of interaction physically?"

On Obamacare, Cantor said that repealing the health care law will still be a major part of the House Republicans' agenda going forward. "We're going to provide an alternative to Obamacare that is a better way in healthcare, that is affordable, that is patient-based, that will allow families to have access to the doctors they want and the hospitals they want to go to, and will do so at a cost they can afford. That's not what is being realized under Obamacare, even though the President promised as such."

While Cantor was eager to speak on his current agenda, he was not as talkative when the topic turned to what people should expect to see from Republicans in 2016.

"We're focused right now on trying to address the problems that folks are facing here in Western New York and throughout the country," Cantor said when asked about potential 2016 candidates. "I don't think a lot of working, middle-class folks wake up thinking about who's going to win what election."

Cantor has served as House Majority Leader since 2011.

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