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Caputo: Buffalo Criical to Trump Decision

Buffalo, NY (WBEN) Following a meeting with a number of state Republicans, it appears Donald Trump will make a decision on whether to run for governor in three weeks. One strategist says it's 50-50 he'll run.

"I believe he's within three weeks of making his decision, and his trip to Buffalo will play a big part in that decision," says Michael Caputo. "He'll take a look at what kind of response he gets in Buffalo, how many people show up at the Republican fundraiser where he'll speak, how many people are waving signs. That will weigh heavily on his decision."

Caputo says Trump is 50-50 on whether he'll run. "There's been some resistance from Republican leadership. They're doing their best to stop him. But if (Trump) gets a nice reception in Buffalo, he might run," notes Caputo. He says a Trump campaign will be very different, leading to some resistance from GOP leaders. "There are people on both sides in New York who work together to feather their own nests, to increase the different entitlement programs, and work to keep New York a blue state. Trump doesn't play those games, and there will be leaders disappointed in that."

Caputo adds Trump met with Carl Paladino during Monday's meeting. "Mr. Trump had a long heart to heart talk with Carl Paladino. That was a meeting he felt he had to have to learn what was needed of him, and that meeting went very well.


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