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Bowe Bergdahl

Caputo: US Gave Too Much for Bergdahl

Buffalo, NY (WBEN) Many Americans are debating about whether the US should have given five Taliban militants to bring back Bowe Bergdahl. One pundit and veteran says it wasn't the best deal.

"I think Bergdahl needed to come home, but not give five mass murderers to bring him home," says Michael Caputo, filling in for Tom Bauerle Tuesday.

The House Armed Services Committee will investigate the Obama administration's swap of Bergdahl for five Taliban leaders that could return to the Afghanistan battlefield.

"We ought to look at the price," Rep. Howard "Buck" McKeon, R-Calif., chairman of the panel, told reporters after administration officials held a tense 90-minute, closed-door briefing for House Democrats and Republicans.

Officials from the White House, State and Defense departments and the intelligence community defended the exchange of Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl.

In the week since the deal, lawmakers have raised questions about whether Bergdahl was a deserter and whether the United States gave up too much for his freedom. Republicans emerged from the Monday night session incensed that 80 to 90 people in the government knew about Bergdahl's release ahead of time and not one member of Congress got a head's up, including leaders of the national security committees.

 Caputo says it doesn't matter if Bergdahl was a traitor or a deserter, the US needed him home, "but we didn't need to give away the top cards of the deck."

Caputo says any American who serves overseas and is lost in a hostile environment, needs to be brought home regardless of their capture, dead or alive.

But he's not pleased with the deal, and thinks the US could have done better.

"As far as we know, the US didn't try a military option, there were other options at their fingertips but they didn't use them," believes Caputo.

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