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"Cichon: Done With Winter"
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02/18/2013 11:46AM
Are you done with winter or should Steve toughen up?
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02/19/2013 8:12AM
Me too
I agree! I just said to my husband that I was done with winter. Its time for spring.
02/19/2013 8:41AM
Hang in there!
I feel your pain, Steve, and boy, do I feel mine! It was easy to get spoiled by last winter, and I have some health issues that are REALLY making me feel the cold and dampness a lot harder this year than I have in the past! I'm ready to mummify myself in Therma-Care patches! The one thing that keeps me going this time of year is to look out the window at dinner time and notice that, hey, it's still light at 5 o'clock...then 5:15....then 5:30...5:45... An occasional Irish coffee helps, too! (In anticipation of St. Patrick's Day, you understand...)
02/19/2013 8:49AM
Hang in there, pt. II
You share my birthday, fellow Virgo! Thought you'd like to read your horoscope for today: VIRGO (Aug. 23-Sept. 22). Your stance is stronger if you do not try to defend it. Assume that you have a right to feel the way you do, and go forward with conviction. Let the chips fall where they may.
02/19/2013 10:48AM
winter is too short
We haven't had any snow this year. No school closings. Last year's winter was the worst. As Bill Polian would say, if you do not like winter, get out of town. Enjoy winter by getting good clothes (no cotton) and go skiing, skating, snow shoeing or just walking. Stop whining about the weather when you can’t control it.
02/19/2013 2:39PM
Easy for YOU to say, "too short"
I love you people who just blithely drop the words "get out of town" off your tongue to those of us who don't like winter. I'd gladly get out of town if I had the finances but I've spent all my money on medical bills to try to take care of the health problems that cause me considerable pain when it's cold...and unless I bundle up to the point that I can't move, extra clothing really doesn't help. Getting out to "enjoy" winter activities is about as enjoyable as having a root canal. Hope YOU never have to experience the kind of pain I have, pal. Venting about the weather is one of the things I can still do for fun.
02/19/2013 2:41PM
Were you paying attention?
Excuse me, "winter is too short", but some areas HAVE had school closings this year, and quite a bit of snow, thank you. Your heart is almost as cold as the weather.
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