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City Hoping to Avoid NCAA Parking Problems

Buffalo, NY (WBEN) - With the NCAA Tournament in Town, operators of Parking lots across the city know they play a big role over the next few days.

"If people have a bad experience with something like parking, it can kind of put a damper of the whole experience they have," said Executive Director of Buffalo Civic Auto Ramps Sam Iraci.

Because of that, Iraci says he thinks both public and private parking facilities are ready to step their game up for the tournament. "Everybody that offers public parking, they're professionals, they've been through the drill before," Iraci said. "It's nothing anybody can't handle."

"This is a big deal, having the tournament here. I think it creates excitement. It does create demand for parking, but I think the city, combined with the public and private operators, provide enough capacity and convenient locations that we can handle it."

Iraci says that for the most part, parking should be affordable too.

"At the One Seneca Tower the rate that we'll charge is, as always, Eight Dollars, and our other facilities will be Five Dollars. In the past there's been some controversy over much higher rates charged by others."

That's why Iraci recommends that people do their homework before driving downtown so they have an idea of what rates they should expect to pay. "If people are coming from out of town, we would encourage them to do their homework before they come to the city. Get online, check the rates, call the operators so that they know where the locations are and what the rates being charged are so that they're really not making an uninformed, spur of the moment decision on what to pay and where to park."

It also doesn't hurt to get downtown early, especially on Thursday, where in addition to hoops fans, you'll have to contend for spots with everyone who normally parks downtown for work.

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