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Cuomo in Buffalo to Promote Heroin Legislation

VESTAL/BUFFALO, N.Y. (WBEN/AP) - Gov. Andrew Cuomo has signed legislation aimed at combating the sharp rise in heroin and opioid use in New York state.

On Tuesday, Cuomo was in Buffalo to talk about it.

"This is not a problem that government alone is going to solve," Cuomo said. "I don't want anyone to leave here today and say 'that's taken care of.' This is worse than that, It's a problem that is only going to be solved when each and every one of us takes our own responsibility."

The Legislature passed 11 heroin-related bills before the 2014 session ended last Friday.
The measures include provisions requiring insurance companies to consistently cover treatment for addiction, funding for public awareness of drug use and funding for more New York state troopers to investigate heroin trafficking.
At the signing, Cuomo, a Democrat said a third of heroin seized by the Drug Enforcement Agency came from New York. State public health officials say deaths from heroin overdoses in New York more than doubled from 215 in 2008 to 478 in 2012.

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