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"DiPietro Launches Bill to Repeal NYSAFE, as Lawmakers Call for Answers in Permit Flap"
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04/12/2013 1:18PM
DiPietro Launches Bill to Repeal NYSAFE, as Lawmakers Call for Answers in Permit Flap
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04/12/2013 2:17PM
Repeal Pistol Permits as well
The entire New York State Pistol Permit procedure should be revoked. If you want a handgun to keep in your house you should be able to have one with no problem. To carry it should be a formailty of being of age with no criminal record. Take the data baseof registration of handguns and destroy it totally. Permit and Registration equals Tyranny in New York.
04/12/2013 3:22PM
Safe Act
This is one more executive order abuse that goes on to many times in NY and with US politicians as well. We don't have representative government, but party leaders representing their party causes.
04/12/2013 4:37PM
You want an omelet, ya gotta break a few eggs.
We want guns off the streets -- if some redneck is temporarily inconvenienced, so be it. Remember the NRA wants more dead children.
04/12/2013 8:35PM
Cuomo The King
"I am the King, the laws do not apply to me"
04/12/2013 8:46PM
safe act
i thought this kind of think would only happen under a police state, like china, or north korea !!! is this, or is this not still the united states of america, ifear not !!!
04/12/2013 8:48PM
DiPietro Launches Bill to Repeal NYSAFE, as Lawmakers Call for Answers in Permit Flap
we need to "repeal" Cuomo!!! He is the absolute WORST thing that has happened to NY since his father!
04/13/2013 4:39AM
The oath should be upheld
It is clearly the NYS govt trying to feel what they can get away with, a patrol if you will
04/13/2013 8:12AM
This is just another example of Big government taking advantage of the tragedy that happened in Connecticut. When are people going to realize that this is how they, the government takes advantage of a tragedy and runs away with it. What is wrong with people that they don't realize that if they get away with this and we allow this to happen what will be next. Think Nazi Germany people this is how it started there.
04/13/2013 12:55PM
repeal NY SAFE act
This un constitutional must be repealed immediatley before any other law abiding citizen is harassed by Cuomos goon squad AKA the NYS Police!Governor Cuomo must resign or be removed from office!
04/13/2013 6:39PM
thank you
Mr De Pietro its about time someone with common sense is speaking up thank you. and we will not forget those who help put this Governor out of office, good job , and god bless the 2nd amendment. and yes i stood my ground on foreign soil. for all american to be free form such attacks on the constitution of the united states of america, so thank you.
04/14/2013 10:25AM
thank you new york goverment we the people!!!!!!!
what ever happend to your rights to vote on the new laws drinking age, seat belt law, helment law for bikes,i could go on and on,but please tell me about........ steven osgood vet. norfolk,new york
04/15/2013 11:01AM
Repal NYS Safe Act
I wholly support David DiPetro in his efforts to repeal NYS Safe Act it is illegal and unconstontial. We are loosing all or civil rights under NY State and the federal government
04/15/2013 2:30PM
they lie
please let it be known that the good people of NY state, do not want this so called safe act. or another infringement on our rights we are sick of the way NY state in being run. we want on thing now and that is , Cuomo out of office and in jail. and the brass of the new York state police that are involved. charge them as well.enough is enough. we the people have lost all respect for the most of the elected officials that are in office, and as far as Albany goes. Silvers and his whole gang need to be arrested. those people have no respect for the constitution. so we the people are now involved. and also lets talk about a civil control board to over see the state police. so we have no more of this gestapo tactics. thank you.
04/17/2013 4:28PM
moving out
Is it any wonder why residents of NYS are packing up and moving out? Its not only people, it is also corporations. Cuomo and his ilk are directly to blame. the SAFE act needs to be repealed. Cuomo needs to realize he was HIRED by NYS voters to represent them. NOT to RULE over them. Him and Bloomberg need to take their nanny attitudes and superior minds far, far, away. They do not represent the people and never will
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