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Did Anyone Picture Seneca One Tower Vacant?

Buffalo, NY (WBEN) Until recently, the big downtown tower was known as One HSBC Center. Until recently, no one imagined the structure vacant.

Former Mayor Tony Masiello was among them. "HSBC is a world renowned bank. I always felt comfortable with them as a major tenant, with other significant businesses in the building. With the tremendous views of the lake and the city, I thought it would be well occupied for years to come," says Masiello.

But Masiello says no one is to blame with HSBC departing downtown. "I think it was a business decision, on their part," says Masiello, as banks were downsizing several years ago. "Could more have been done? You always believe more can be done to convince them not to do it, they did it, and now we have to figure out a new use for it," says the former mayor.

Masiello says a mixed use property would be the best use of what is now Seneca One Tower.

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