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Do You Recognize These Annoying Food Habits?

I had the "Today Show" on as I was getting ready for work the other day. My ears perked up when I heard them talking about annoying lunch habits of co-workers.

It got me thinking about places I’ve worked and the irritating things that some of us do on a regular basis. Hmmm, it also has me wondering if I am guilty of some of the most common infractions as well.

For the past few weeks, I have been eating an apple every afternoon at my desk. Do my robust, crunchy bites annoy the other people around me in cube city? I tend to time my bites when it’s noisy in the office so as not to disturb anyone. I am cognizant of any noise and gross sounds but have been in situations in previous work places where the habits of others are sometimes cringe-inducing and downright disgusting.

Some of the examples cited in the show and in blogs include noisy eaters who insist on chewing and talking with their mouths full. Thanks, but I’d rather not see your masticated lunch flailing around in your mouth. Lip smackers are a close relative of this gross custom.

Have you run into people who insist on re-heating seafood, popcorn, cabbage, and spicy aromatic foods in the microwave? At another workplace, I remember smelling salmon from morning to night one week as the odor permeated the entire first floor.  In another situation, the whole office had to evacuate the building after someone insisted on burning popcorn yet again.

Another habit that drives me up the wall? The slurpers, who noisily consume their liquids, whether it’s soup, coffee, pop, water or whatever beverage they’re loudly swallowing. A little decorum here, please.

Leaving food, crumbs and wrappers and boxes for others to clean up is another pet peeve, but that is a column unto itself. Same goes for dry food left in dishes in cups in the sink.

What a way to lose an appetite!

08/30/2011 3:37AM
Do You Recognize These Annoying Food Habits?
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