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Dorner vs. Obama

I can't be the only one that got so wrapped up in the coverage of the culmination of the search for Christopher Dorner that I was downright disappointed as 9pm approached and I knew the networks would make the switch to the State of the Union Address.  Even the news networks knew they had the nation's attention and held on to Dorner coverage as long as they could.  But then, as expected, they pulled the plug and went to the obligatory coverage of the President getting into the limousine, entering the House and all the pomp and circumstance that goes along with the annual address.

Now I realize the State of the Union is important and I also realize there are many who would rather hear what the President had to say than watch a cabin burn out.  And just in case you're thinking this is partisan and wouldn't be written if a Republican was in office, that's not true!  I don't recall a story of the Dorner magnitude hitting on the night of the address.  It was a real live drama being played out and the culmination of a manhunt that terrified southern California and captivated a nation.  I would have felt the same if Reagan were still in office.

With CNN, CNBC, MSNBC and FOX, I was hoping just one of the networks would flip-flop standard policy and keep the Dorner coverage in the forefront and run crawl updates on the State of the Union.  That's how I think as a programmer.  If WBEN had the wherewithal to offer either/or, I would have gone with Dorner.  Unfortunately our radio network, CBS, wasn't offering the option.  We were relegated to offering four updates an hour on Dorner while presenting the State of the Union.

Just ask a few people around work today.   What were you more interested in?  I'm guessing I know the answer.


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02/13/2013 1:05PM
Dorner vs. Obama
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