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Duffy: 90-100% Certain Bills Will Stay Here

Buffalo, NY (WBEN/WGR) Lt. Governor Bob Duffy says he's very confident in the Bills' future remaining in Western New York.

"I always stop short of saying 100% because I really have no idea who is going to buy the team, it has not been determined yet," Duffy tells WGR SportsRadio 550. "I would say I'm in the 90-100% range of the Bills staying in Buffalo and Western New York. I feel pretty confident about that, and that's just my gut feeling."

Duffy says he doesn't have details of Ralph Wilson's trust, but he believes the group overseeing the trust does not want the Bills to leave. He does believe the trust is trying to get as much money as possible from the sale of the Bills. "I've heard nothing that had any indication whatsoever there's any interest in moving the team elsewhere. Again, there's a lot of dynamics in terms of a sale with the estate, but I do believe that's what I've certainly read in their hearts, and I"m very confident that in the end, the right things will be done," adds Duffy.

Duffy says he spoke with Tom Golisano last week. Golisano confirmed his interest in buying the Bills. "I'm not sure who the finalists will be. Tom Golisano would be a great owner, but it's one of those processes that will be confidential until they're ironed out," notes Duffy.

With regards to the stadium, Duffy says the state is "agnostic" on whether a new stadium is really needed. "The governor's position is very clear. Ralph WIlson Stadium is a beautiful stadium. There are millions of dollars being put into that stadium right now. It's probably one of the best stadiums to watch a football game in, anywhere across the country in the NFL. But, if a new owner came in and insisted on a new stadium, then everybody is ready to go to work," says Duffy.

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