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EC GOP Turmoil? : So what

In the past, Republicans seldom spoke out publicaly against one another.  Wasn't Ronald Reagan's 11th commandment "Thou Shalt Not Speak Ill of Another Republican"?   But If you read between the lines of this past Sunday's discussion about the Erie County GOP, I think you an argue that this one is no longer however carved in a stone tablet. 

In fact, if you are talking about carving.... let's stick with the metaphor.... the long knives are out.

Point #1: There are enough disgruntled Republicans out there, disenchanted by the ill fated Jane Corwin congressional campaign and those who ran it to suggest that lockstep unity is not automatic.  Tea NY Leader Rus Thompson says he is most likely to support Chris Collins for County Executive, but less likely to work with GOP Chair Nick Langworthy and others in control.  Ditto ex Paladino operative Mike Caputo, who went out of his way to fire a salvo at Langworthy, in the form of his on air comments, and the accompanying commentary at 

Point #2:  It may not matter. Even those with liberal leanings (Artvoice Editor Geoff Kelly) or really sharp axes to grind (Ex county exec Joel Giambra) will say-- and recently did say on air -- that Caputo and Thompson don't have a massive base in terms of boots on the ground.  Tree in the forest time. 

Suburban Republicans outnumber Democrats and are likely to support Collins regardless. And as long as he has a campaign warchest of considerable size, a record of fiscal conservatism, and the money to remind you about it with daily campaign mailers, he's on his way.   

Is it worth noting that the stone tablet has some cracks in it? Sure. Is the mountain too high to climb? Absolutely not.

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07/05/2011 12:46PM
EC GOP Turmoil? : So what
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