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East Aurora Teacher Dissents from Cuomo's Common Core Panel

EAST AURORA/ALBANY, N.Y. (WBEN/AP) - A western New York teacher who served on the panel created by Governor Andrew Cuomo to look into Common Core standards says its recommendations are flawed.
East Aurora High School teacher Todd Hathaway released a prepared statement Tuesday that said the panel did not comprehensively examine Common Core's failure to address student testing and teacher evaluation issues. Teachers unions have been among critics of the new standards' rollout in New York.

"We had a real opportunity here, and I hope we haven't blown that opportunity, to fix some of the problems that we've created for ourselves in education in New York State," Hathaway told WBEN. "I just hope we haven't missed that chance."
The 11-member panel on Monday recommended banning standardized tests for the youngest students and capping the amount of instructional time that can be used for test prep. However, Hathaway says that the panel only met for a combined six hours, and the panel never met with all of the members present at one time.
Hathaway said that though the report was issued with his name attached, the Cuomo administration ignored his concerns.
"Why are we rushing this out so soon? I wouldn't speculate on the motivation of the executive branch, but that was really my deep concern. We need to give time and space to our parents, our students, our teachers, our administrators to really deal with this, and rushing out a report doesn't fulfill that need," Hathaway said to WBEN.

Cuomo told public radio's "Capitol Pressroom" Tuesday he never expected total consensus.

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