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Fan Who Fell From Bills' Stadium Back In Court

Orchard Park, NY (WBEN) - Rob Hopkins, the man who slid down a railing and fell off of the upper deck at Ralph Wilson Stadium during a November Bills' home game, will appear in court today to deal with criminal charges of assault and reckless endangerment.

Hopkins, pled not guilty to charges of assault and reckless endangerment in Orchard Park Town Court last year.

Hopkins isn't the only one dealing with the fall out of his rail ride though.

Attorney Charles Desmond, who represents the man whom Hopkins fell on, has filed a notice of claim against Erie County and the Erie County Sheriff's department, which gives the victim the option to file suit against the municipality if he finds it necessary.

"Any time you have a municipality as a potential party to litigation, you have 90 days to file what's called a notice of claim. If you do not file a notice of claim within 90 days you can not proceed forward with litigation in the future," Desmond said.

Desmond and his client may also choose to file suit against Hopkins.

"We're still exploring all options, and my client is still going through a lot of treatment and has had a lot of problems that have not subsided since the date of this event."

Hopkins' lawyer, Jeff Bochiechio, has previously said that the incident "was an accident," and that Hopkins had apologized to the fan he landed on.

Hopkins was  seen sliding down a 300-level railing at Ralph Wilson Stadium and then toppling backward and falling about 30 feet into the 200 section. He landed on another fan.  Hopkins has sent an apology e-mail to the other man, saying of his actions “I assure you this is out of character for me.”

According to a Rural Metro ambulance service report, the man who was hit by the falling man sustained a head injury. Hopkins  sustained a shoulder injury.

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