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Fatal Accident on Blvd Mars Morning Commute

Tonawanda, NY (WBEN) - Two Separate accidents on Niagara Falls Boulevard Friday morning, as heavy rains pelted the region.

 Tonawanda Police report a fatal accident at the Boulevard near Willow Ridge Rd, north of I-290.  A 49 year old female pedestrian was struck  near the Dunkin Donuts at 2100 Nigara Falls Boulevard near Willow Ridge Road  . The investigation continues, but they say that dark clothing and poor weather conditions were likely contributing factors, and as such the 65 year old driver of the vehicle was not charged.

Lt. Nick Bado said that common sense should be used when crossing a busy road. "This is not anything you need to take a 40 hour course for, these are common sense things" Bado said. "At five o'clock in the morning on an overcast day you should be wearing clothing that's visible."

"The fact that a similar pedestrian fatality happened at this exact spot on June 5th has not been overlooked. Although that investigation showed pedestrian actions as primary contributing factors and similar evidence is now emerging here, we have already contacted NYSDOT to discuss evaluating the intersection for any improvements that would help prevent future pedestrian fatalities,"  Tonawanda Police said in a prepared statement.

Bado says that he is unsure of what an investigation of the area will reveal. "After an investigation of the area they could completely decide that it was exclusively the pedestrian's actions" Bado said. "Even that being the case you still want to try and take every step you possibly can to improve visibility there."

Meanwhile , In Niagara Falls..
Commuters say there was a second person involved in a collision on Niagara Falls Boulevard and Military Road. Police have not issued any release, other than to say they are investigating a serious accident there.  Near 8 am, the southbound lanes on NF Blvd. were restricted.

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