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Feds: Stolen Gun was Used to Kill Violinist

WESTFIELD, N.Y. (AP) - Federal authorities say two homeless men used a stolen gun to kill a New York City orchestra violinist after gaining entry to her western New York summer home by telling her they had run out of gas.
Court documents filed in Buffalo say 43-year-old Jonathan Conklin and 30-year-old Charles Sanford stole weapons from an apartment in the town of Sherman before fatally shooting Mary Whitaker at her home in nearby Westfield on Wednesday morning.
Police say the men stole her car and drove to Erie, Pennsylvania, where they were tracked down by the FBI. Both men have been charged with stealing property and taking it across state lines, and carjacking. A grand jury will consider murder charges.
Whitaker, of Manhattan, performed with the Westchester Philharmonic and spent summers with the Chautauqua Symphony Orchestra.

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