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Fish Fry Fridays a WNY Favorite

Clarence, NY (WBEN) - For many Western New Yorkers, the Lenten season brings with it the return of a tasty tradition.

"I think fish fries in Western New York are just like chicken wings and roast beef on kimelwicks," said Bob Jaus, owner of Hayes Seafood House.

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Jaus knows a thing or two about fish fries, his family has been serving them up for years. "Hayes Fish started in 1877, my dad moved the business, we were on Niagara Street and there weren't fryers back then. In 1963 we moved to Harlem Road, and that's when we started doing our fish fries."

Ever since, it's been a Lenten tradition for Western New York Catholics.

"It used to be where every Friday Catholics couldn't eat meat. In the late or mid 60's, they made it where it was possible that you could have meat, but my father felt that because people were used to Friday fish fries that would always be the day that people would go out."

Jaus says that his business recieves a big increase during Lent. He added that will be especially helpful this year after a long, tough winter.

Hayes serves fish fries year-round both to go and to dine in. "It's almost 50-50," Jaus said when asked if customers prefer to take their fish home. "We get a lot of takeout, but a lot of people like to dine in because once it comes right out of the fryer there's nothing like having it served right to you."

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