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"Food Network Won't Renew Paula Deen's Contract"
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06/21/2013 5:20PM
Food Network Won't Renew Paula Deen's Contract
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06/21/2013 7:07PM
Witch Hunt
Same old liberal garbage. Now one can be punished for being honest in the use of a word now considered taboo. Can anyone over 50 honestly say that the "n" word hasn't been uttered once in their life? And what is wrong with "living history"??? Black waiters, Hooter girls, Playboy Bunnies, what's the difference? Get over it people, life is what it is.
06/22/2013 8:54AM
Maybe she can be a right wing radio loudmouth
After all Rush regularly says things that are far more hateful and his audience just laps it up.
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