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Guinn Gone As Buffalo Schools Consultant

Buffalo, NY (WBEN) - Since June, Mary Guinn has served as a consultant to Buffalo Schools Superintendent Pamela Brown. It appears that will no longer be the case.

Cross and Joftus, the consulting firm Guinn worked under, asked the district on Tuesday to withdraw its contract with Buffalo Schools. Late Wednesday, the Buffalo School Board voted to direct Brown to terminate the contracts between the district and Cross and Joftus.

"The position of consultant through Cross and Joftus is looking like it's going to be ending, and if that means Mary Guinn is gone, then that's the interpretation you can have that Mary Guinn would be gone" said board member John Licata.

Guinn's position had come under fire recently when board members began asking if it was wise to be spending over $250,000 of taxpayer money on a consultant.

The board did allow for Cross and Joftus' services to be retained for a 90-day "transitional period" to ensure that work being done by the consultants is able to be continued by other district employees.

The board meeting lasted over six hours, including nearly three hours spent in executive session.

The length of the meeting caused many of board member Carl Paladino's motions to be tabled until the next meeting in two weeks, including his call for the termination of School Board President Barbara Nevergold.

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10/10/2013 1:09AM
Guinn Gone As Buffalo Schools Consultant
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10/10/2013 12:22PM
That is exactly what we have. Each of those five members only intrest is to cover the other's person back. Nevergold should be removed by the State and I think that a system like a control board should be set up for the school board. Wasting all that money for such dismal results is stupid
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