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Hamburg Superintendent Threatened, Car Hit

Hamburg, NY (WBEN) - The heated debates over board of education matters in Hamburg have spilled over into an apparent threat to Superintendent Richard Jetter and vandalism of his car.

Tuesday evening someone smashed into Jetter's car during a board meeting night and took off.   But it wasn't just a hit and run:  someone also left him a threatening note reading - "Watch your back you .....(blank) sleazebag".

There were no witnesses - and no security cameras.
with Hamburg School Supt. Richard Jetter
On The WBEN Liveline
"It looked as if someone backed into my car on the driver's side, wiped out the mirror, wiped out the side door panel, and on the windshield wiper blade, it had a note, folded up, that basically said 'watch your back' and then some swear words and basically called me a 'sleazebag', " Jetter tells WBEN, adding that his feelings weren't hurt and "cars can be fixed."  "I'm going to have a great day," he added.

This comes at a time  when Hamburg is in a very contentious school board race with an election coming up in a couple of weeks.  The majority on the board could change, and has been the subject of various charges and counter charges about the makeup of the board and the poor relationships they had with Jetter's predecessor.

"What it does tell me is there is so much contention in this district,  I was hired by the board and one of the reasons was hired was .. to lead us through the dysfunction in the district. And all this is to me is a sign that I am doing my job," Jetter said, during a live interview on Buffalo's Early News.

In recent weeks, there have also been community movements to remove various members of the school board, and one was charged with misconduct in the past week.

On Wednesday afternoon, parents and teachers staged a rally to support Jetter. "To see this support, and to bring a bus, and banners, and signs, they're not only here to support me which I'm humbled by, but they're here to support what's right in moving this district forward."


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