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"Hank Williams Jr. off Monday Football over Obama-Hitler remark"
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10/04/2011 6:52AM
Hank Williams Jr. off Monday Football over Obama-Hitler remark
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10/04/2011 7:31AM
Libs not only called Bush Hitler, but also made a MOVIE about killing him and nothing happened to them! Give Hank his job back. Free Speech is for everyone not just morons!
10/04/2011 10:15AM
No Funny
Disney, ABC, ESPN wake up. Your NFL audience thinks mostly like Hank! The others are watching Sex in the City or Deperate Housewives
10/04/2011 10:22AM
Good for Hank!
He's correct in his comments and the truth hurts sometimes. I agree with the last guy, why do only the libs get away with bashing conservatives? Strange huh???????
10/04/2011 10:44AM
no more rights
This country is getting too PC
10/04/2011 11:19AM
Gimmie a break
Are you kidding me? Nobody in the media complained when Bush was called a Nazi and Hitler. Typical liberal reaction when something is not to their liking. ESPN, give Hank Jr. his spot back.
10/04/2011 11:26AM
Say' it like you see it.
he was expressing his opinion!!!!! Think of all the lib celebraties who bash all tea party members and their candidates. Last week Joy Behar was extremely nasty about Gov. Chrisies weight but that was fine. Saturday night live was brutal to both Bushes' again it was considered funny. The truth hurts---- Obama is clueless!!!!!!
10/04/2011 2:21PM
Hank speaks what others think. He is Hitler reincarnated. Truth hurts. ESPN stop with the kool aid
10/04/2011 2:23PM
Boycott ESPN
It may be hard for us die hard sports fans, but we need to stand up and let OUR voices be heard as well. The liberal media is taking over expressing their opinion. Let's fight back and boycott ESPN to show that free speech applies to conservatives as well.
10/04/2011 3:57PM
Hey WBEN listeners
You people sure whine a lot.
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