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Have an Intern Try It First!

So someone claimed to have a cell phone app that could repel mosquitos by emitting a high-frequency tone that the critters don’t care to hear.

Always on top of trending stories like this, the crew at The Today Show late last week sent reporter Kerry Sanders to the Lee County Mosquito Control facility in Florida to test the app.

The plan: stick his unprotected arm into a box containing 5000 mosquitos.

Let the arm get acclimated for a bit, so the mosquitos would know a fresh source of nutrition had been introduced.

Then, activate the app, and watch the mosquitos disperse.

Only one problem: the app didn’t work.

By the time Kerry got his hand out, he had been stung 300 times or more – and had given enough blood to qualify for a co-starring role as Victim in True Blood.

In a fitting post-script, Kerry was back on the show at the end of the week, testing home remedies for bug bites.


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08/03/2014 11:09PM
Have an Intern Try It First!
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