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Higgins Grills Kerry on Syria

Washington, DC (WBEN) A local congressman gave the secretary of state a piece of his mind as the House Foreign Affairs Committee held a hearing on whether the House should authorize military action against Syria.

Congressman Brian Higgins told Secretary of State John Kerry, "Americans are sick and tired of war." Higgins says Iraq "is a violent as any time in its history, and Afghanistan is just as corrupt as before." 

View Higgins' statement HERE.

Higgins says Syrian leader Bashar Assad's use of chemical weapons is deplorable, and should be tried as a war criminal under international tribunals.  But he says there appears to be little international support for such a strike. "Out of 194 countries, there are two countries supporting us, France and Turkey," says Higgins. "The rest of the international community but for China and Russia says we support America as long as they don't have to do anything. The Arab League's response is pathetically weak and a joke, given their strategic interests."

Higgins asked Kerry, "Given the history of the world's response to the use of chemical weapons, one would think more countries would join the US in participating in a military strike against Syria. What gives?" Kerry replied, "The moderate opposition is committed to democracy, and they want to have an election. This is not about a regime change."

Afterwards, Higgins told WBEN Kerry did not answer his questions, and now his mind is made up. "It is a no for me," says Higgins.

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