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How Powerful is Prayer in Recovering from Illness?

Buffalo, NY (WBEN) The power of prayer has been brought up during Jim Kelly's battle against cancer as fans bowed their heads and got Twitter trending with #PrayersforJK. Just how powerful can prayer be?

"For so many people around the world, their faith dimension to them is so important in their everyday, so it can have a big impact on their treatment process and ultimately their recovery," says Bill Vaughn, Director of Chaplains for Catholic Health System. "It can be an absolutely critical part of the process of treating cancer."

Vaughan cites a Time/CNN poll which says 80 percent believe in the healing power of prayer, more than 70 percent believe you can help someone you're praying for, and 65 percent of people say they want their doctors to pray with them.

He's seen results firsthand daily in the intensive care unit. "I've witnessed someone who was seemingly in the process of death in the intensive care unit, and against what the medical team may have thought, the person turned around and is in the process of recovery right now," notes Vaughn.

Is it a matter of quality or quantity when it comes to prayer? Vaughn says that's not for him to say, but would not mind having as many people as possible pray for him.

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